Professional beta reading and editing

Editing for fiction and creative nonfiction.

My goal is to preserve your voice and style while helping to make your manuscript the best it can be.



Specializing in speculative and literary fiction and creative nonfiction.

Offering copy editing, line editing, and beta reading at competitive rates.

Sara did an excellent job beta reading my manuscript. The overall commentary provided really helped me to get a bird’s eye view of my world, characters, pacing and plot. At the same time, I feel like she really understood the story, as opposed to just cataloging words and events, something that is hard to come by in a beta or editor. The in-text comments were excellent and were EXACTLY what I was looking for. I also very much appreciated her attention to my follow-up questions which required more analysis of the story than I would have expected from a beta read. Highly recommended!
— Alex Tremari, Independent author (fantasy)